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Introducing the new Text Area

There’s a lot of excitement over our most recent update to the text area control, which now uses Markdown to format text.

Markdown is a lightweight markup language used to format plain text. It has an easy-to-write, easy-to-read syntax comprising punctuation characters that closely resemble their semantic meaning. For example:

In a text area, Markdown syntax is used to format the source text, based on your chosen style. In the default style, the previous example would then be displayed like this:

You can then fully customize the formatting to suit your branding requirements, and then apply that style throughout the app, at once, using the Style Manager.

The following images show what can now be achieved:

A number of additional benefits also result:

Improved translation. Previously, upon uploading a translation file, the formatting of an affected text area was reset to the default. Now, formatting is maintained throughout the translation process — no manual reformatting required.

Furthermore, with the old text area, only one format could be applied at a time. To achieve more complex formatting, sentences would require being ‘split’ across multiple text areas. This removed the semantic context necessary for accurate translations. Now, since splitting sentences is no longer necessary, even the most heavily formatted text can be easily translated using the Localization feature.

A cleaner, quicker workflow. Since all elements within a text area are now formatted by a single style, complexity is reduced, and consistency is improved. A new two-step workflow can also be implemented: first, developers add the marked up content, indicating the structure and intent, and then designers later perfect the style.

Note that any existing text areas created prior to the update will be unaffected by the change. This update is live, so you can try out the new text area control right now in the BaseCase Interactive Editor.