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BaseCase Meetings : CRM features and integration options

We’ve recently announced BaseCase Meetings, the latest add-on to the BaseCase platform. Meetings allows you to track customer engagements in your organization and provides a convenient sales workflow to increase the productivity of your field teams.

This blog post will focus on how Meetings integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) software—such as Salesforce—to provide additional features, as well as the different integration options available. You can learn more about Meetings in our previous product update, or download the brochure:

Download the Meetings Brochure

Meetings CRM features

While Meetings can work without a CRM integration, the workflow benefits greatly from one, as the following additional features will be made available, providing a truly seamless experience:

  • Auto-sync attendee lists with your most up-to-date CRM data. Start a meeting with the reassurance of having every contact in your CRM at your fingertips.
  • Quick-start meetings from within your CRM. BaseCase needn’t be open to start a meeting: with a CRM integration you can launch a meeting from within your CRM.
  • Automatically log meetings directly to your CRM. Once a meeting is over, all meeting details are logged automatically to your CRM—no manual logging required.
  • Auto-sync historic meetings upon CRM integration. Any meetings recorded prior to a CRM integration will be automatically synced, ensuring all your customer engagement data is saved.

CRM integration options

Without a CRM integration, Meetings requires a manual, one-way sync to allow customer master data from your CRM to be manually imported into BaseCase. Whereas, a two-way automatic sync between BaseCase and your CRM allows you to benefit from all the additional features listed above.

The BaseCase software team can implement either a standard or custom CRM integration to meet the exact needs of your organization. If you have any questions regarding CRM integrations, please contact for more information.