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A modernized Global Value Dossier (GVD) that offers efficient access to resources and user‑engagement

One valuable resource frequently used in preparation for payer discussions and health technology assessments (HTAs) is the Global Value Dossier (GVD), a comprehensive document that demonstrates the value of a new product or intervention with supporting evidence. Effective use of a GVD can help aid decision making and achieve market access; however, in today’s market landscape there are challenges with using the traditional, printed GVD.

While GVDs contain comprehensive information on the value of a product, their extensive length (on average 200+ pages) is not very accessible for discussions and impractical as a rapid resource reference. And because of their length, translating GVDs for use by local affiliates can be both expensive and challenging to maintain. There are however opportunities to modernize the traditional GVD, helping to simplify maintenance and translations and therefore removing information access barriers and creating local synergies for market access.

Introducing the BaseCase iGVD: a centrally managed, high-level summary of a product’s global value dossier, organized by a value message.

Using BaseCase, you can develop an Interactive Global Value Dossier (iGVD): an application which enables users to easily access dossier content and fully leverage your GVD in preparation for key stakeholder discussions. It provides user-friendly and interactive features that simply could not be done with a traditional GVD—making adaptation simple and accessing resources during discussions efficient.

BaseCase iGVDs were designed to promote transparency and aid understanding by incorporating visual features and interactivity within each app. Powerful features allow users to access content efficiently during discussions: you can choose different perspectives (e.g., payer or provider), quickly locate and download supporting evidence in both PDF and Word format, and utilize a built-in reference manager that provides links to full-text sources. These features also help to make local dossier submission simple and effective.

With a Basecase iGVD, you can also leverage user-engagement functionality to access comprehensive information and increase local relevance. Each iGVD app can include interactive calculators and modifiable user inputs to evaluate different scenarios, along with interactive data visualizations to get an in-depth understanding of your market needs and objectives.

This extract was taken from our guide How to modernize Global Value Dossiers (GVDs) to improve access to information and create local synergies. The guide explains the challenges with traditional, printed GVDs and how their content can be modernized into BaseCase iGVDs.It also explores the features BaseCase provides to create, update, distribute, and manage iGVDs.

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