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More improvements to Buttons

In October of last year we released major improvements to our Button control. That update brought a wide range of new options and styling capabilities, such as the use of icons.

Well-designed buttons are an essential element of an attractive user interface and an effective user experience. Our product design team has made it a priority to invest in the continued improvement of this control.

With this in mind, we’ve just released a second wave of updates, empowering app designers with multi-line text, simple inline text formatting, and over 150 new icons to choose from.

Example: Select the properties tab [1] to access button style options. Enter multiple lines of text and use inline formatting [2] to create more sophisticated buttons [3].

Previously, a single second line of text could be added to a button using the ‘Caption’ property. We’ve expanded this so that both ‘Title’ and ‘Caption’ properties can take multiple lines of text. This makes it easier to add multiple lines (using ‘Shift+Enter’ to add a line) and it allows for more flexibility.

While it has always been possible to make a button’s text either bold or italic, it’s now possible to format only a subsection of the text using simple inline text formatting. The formatting syntax is based on Markdown, which makes it translation friendly. As you can see in the above screenshot, you just use a single asterisk around text that you want to italicize, or a double asterisk to make the text bold.

We received a lot of positive feedback about the addition of button icons in last year’s update. As well as adding over 150 new icons, bringing the total number of available icons to more than 500, we’ve made it easier to find just the right one by improving search in the icon picker.

As we continue to improve the Button control, please get in touch to provide feedback or suggest features you’d like to see in future.