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New Add-On: BaseCase Data Manager — Launching January 2017

We’re very pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new Add-On, BaseCase Data Manager.

This powerful new product makes it easy to integrate large datasets into your digital field tools, providing the fastest and most effective way to empower your field teams with real-world data.

BaseCase Data Manager will enable you to:

  • Engage customers with personalized data-driven presentations.
  • Stay compliant while integrating large datasets into digital field tools.
  • Rapidly manage and distribute real-world data updates across your territory.

BaseCase Data Manager in action — Examples

NHS Hospital Episode Statistics database

Market: UK
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
RWD type: HES database
Purpose: To benchmark hospitals and demonstrate inefficiencies, or underserved patient populations, to initiate change.

Internal Enterprise Resource Planning database

Market: Global
Sector: Medical devices
RWD type: ERP database
Purpose: Use historic sales data as an account targeting tool for field teams, and a portfolio selling tool to increase sales volume.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services claims data

Market: USA
Sector: Medical devices
RWD type: CMS database
Purpose: Benchmark hospitals based on DRG and reimbursement data, and further use historic data in cost-offset or ROI tools.