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New add-on: BaseCase Meetings

We’ve recently announced BaseCase Meetings, the latest add-on to the BaseCase platform. Meetings allows you to track customer engagements in your organization and provides a convenient sales workflow to increase the productivity of your field teams.

With Meetings, the details of each customer engagement are recorded automatically. A meeting begins by selecting attendees from your contacts list. Then, without leaving the presentation, you can take notes and add attachments to share later.

When you end a meeting, an auto-generated meeting summary is created, which you can then review and log to your device or CRM—no more manual write-ups.

Download the Meetings Brochure

However, Meetings does more than reduce the admin burden on field teams. Once you end a meeting, you can then share a summary with customers via a branded microsite. The summary provides basic details of the meeting, along with easy access to any shared content. Visits to the site are then tracked, which in return provides you with an objective measure of customer interest, greatly aiding follow-up.

You can start using Meetings right away: just manually import your CRM data and start logging customer engagements. Once a CRM integration is completed, all the CRM data stored on BaseCase will automatically be synced with your CRM.

While Meetings can work without a CRM integration, the workflow benefits greatly from one, as the following additional features will be made available, providing a truly seamless experience:

  • Auto-sync attendee lists with your CRM master data
  • Quick-start meetings from within your CRM
  • Log meeting details directly to your CRM

We’ll be covering the various CRM integration options and expanding on CRM-based Meetings features in an upcoming Product Update. In the meantime, if you have any questions about a CRM integration, please contact

If you’re interested to see Meetings in action, click below to schedule a demo.

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