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New BaseCase Branded Edition - a better workflow for global market access

The Branded Edition is a new product which provides a better workflow for global market access. It gives you a seamless user experience, while enhancing data security and reducing administrative costs.

Our clients include market access managers, HEOR specialists, IT managers, sales managers and digital marketers. The Branded Edition is inspired by our unique position at the intersection of several disciplines, and is designed to meet the particular needs of this corner of the pharma industry.

Simpler and more secure

Large companies tend to have multiple software systems for different purposes, and something we hear quite often is that managing user accounts across those platforms is a drain on resources.

The Branded Edition addresses this problem by tightly integrating BaseCase with your existing processes, using SSO/EIDM (Single Sign-on / Enterprise Identity Management).

BaseCase syncs with your server, streamlining your processes

User groups and user accounts are synchronized with your system (e.g. Active Directory), so new accounts on the platform can be automatically generated as required. You don’t need to have a separate user account administration on our platform, so you get a greater reduction in admin and IT costs.

It’s more secure, because when an employee leaves the company they automatically lose access - avoiding the possibility of a delay or employee error that leaves your data exposed.

And because BaseCase products are cloud-based, there are no installation costs and there’s no need to update or maintain software. For large organizations like global pharma companies, that’s represents a substantial saving.

Seamless and straightforward access

One of the most popular benefits of the Branded Edition is that it lifts the burden of using different usernames and passwords for different systems - staff are logged in with their usual company credentials.

As well as integrating back-end systems, you can present a unified corporate image with full company branding throughout the platform, including a branded login page for your company. With this comes the ability to include branding in the footers of emails and PDF reports sent from the platform to your customers.

Branded login pages present a unified corporate image

The product includes branded versions of the two BaseCase clients that can be deployed through your IT infrastructure - the iOS app for Apple, and the desktop client for Windows - giving you more centralized control.

These custom-built applications have a setting that further protects your confidential information. You can choose to force the client to sync with the server periodically, meaning that access to offline content is lost when an employee leaves and their user account is removed.

The Branded Edition is inspired by the needs of global life science companies. Its purpose is to enable your market access teams to improve workflows and reduce costs while enhancing the way they engage with payers and providers.

Please contact our account management team for more information about our products.