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New color picker enables layer effects

We’ve created a new color picker with more advanced options. With the new color picker, there are a wider range of colors to choose from, and you can view the ‘current’ and ‘new’ selection side by side for ease of comparison.

*Current* and *New* selection comparison

The tool also includes a color selector that lets you use the HSL scale. And you can use translucent backgrounds, which opens up the possibility of creating a layer effect in your app. To use these new features, click the Color selector button within the color picker.

Advanced color selection properties

The HSL scale is a more intuitive way to find the perfect color for your app. Just select the hue using the bar in the center, and choose the correct level of saturation and lightness with the box on the left. You can also enter these values directly into the color selector.

The ‘A’ or ‘Alpha’ value in the bottom-right corner of the dialog box sets the level of opacity for the color. By lowering this value and making the background of a control more translucent, you can create layering effects for a professional look and feel, as in this example.

Charts with and without a translucent background