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The Editor gets a new look

The Spreadsheet and Document panels within BaseCase Interactive’s Editor have recently undergone significant UI redesigns. The changes aim to improve user workflows, and improve visual consistency between the different editor panels.

Figure 1: The new Spreadsheet Editor UI

The Spreadsheet panel has been updated to include UI elements shared by leading spreadsheet applications, while improving navigation and streamlining option menus.

The Workbooks list was converted into an accessible side pane, allowing easier management and selection of workbooks. From here you can add and upload [1] or delete [2] workbooks. Separating the available workbooks from each worksheet’s contents provides a cleaner, more intuitive layout.

Further options and help have been more deeply integrated to provide a cleaner editing environment, allowing you to focus on your data. For each workbook there is now an options popover menu, accessed by clicking the ‘gear’ next to each document name [3]. There is also a help icon [4] at the bottom of the pane, providing quick access to the BaseCase Editor Reference Guide.

Previously, a large number of worksheets would cause the Worksheet pane to expand vertically, occupying valuable screen space. This pane has been replaced with a scrollable [5] and searchable [6] tab bar, maintaining the space of the worksheet contents. You can now click the ‘plus’ icon [7] to add new worksheets to your workbook.

Figure 2: The new Documents Editor UI

Within the Document editor, the Documents list has been updated to share UI continuity with the Spreadsheet panel, with both now utilizing the accessible side pane layout [1]. Mirroring the Spreadsheet editor, for each document, there is now an integrated options popover menu, similarly accessed via the gear icon [2].

BaseCase is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our users. Please get in touch to provide feedback, or suggest improvements you’d like to see in future.