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New example: interactive iPad app for the sales force

Last week we created a new example app for our online Gallery, typical of the kind of sales tool or e-detailing app built by our clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Here’s what we designed:

All in all, we spent about 48 man-hours creating the Fingaxil app. That breaks down as follows:

Time Task Personnel
~4 hours sketching the content and reviewing drafts marketing
~4 hours design template designer
~40 hours asset creation and design implementation content creator

The Spanish translation demonstrates how straightforward it is to adapt apps to different country markets. It took us about one hour to create the Spanish version using the localization tool.

The purpose of the app is to showcase what you can do with BaseCase Interactive, and it’s designed in particular for use by sales reps.

Apps for the sales force, market access or medical affairs

We have several types of client in the life sciences industry - our software is used by market access, medical affairs and commercial teams, in slightly different ways. (You can view our online Gallery to see examples of the kinds of app you can create with BaseCase Interactive.)

While our clients in market access make heavy use of the built-in spreadsheet to create presentations based on a health economic model (e.g. interactive budget impact analyses, or treatment cost comparison apps), this is less useful for sales reps.

The sales force is looking to present a strong brand image to healthcare professionals, with maximum visual impact. Apps will be designed to the highest spec, integrating multimedia such as video and high-res imagery.

While the information density tends to be lower, sales teams can certainly benefit from using a simple treatment or cost comparison tool, based on a client’s actual population data. In our Fingaxil app, we created an example of this, using the integrated spreadsheet editor.

If you’d like to look ‘under the hood’ and see how we built the app (without using programming), please book a demo to chat with one of our product experts.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the app, please get in touch if you have any feedback.