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New Feature: Reference Management

Effective value communication depends on credibility. One of the unique advantages of BaseCase is that it lets you present complex HEOR evidence in an intuitive and graphical way, without compromising on the scientific integrity of your argument.

This is achieved by supporting claims with built-in references to the underlying research. These references may be appended to a statement, a visual representation, or any other element on the interface. As in the above example, clients can simply click on the discreet markers and go straight to the source.

In fact, this is one of the most commonly used features of BaseCase, and our development team have responded by expanding and simplifying the way you do this.

It’s now much easier for you to build references into a presentation. Just import the data from your reference management system and deploy them from within the platform, without having to manually reenter a reference every time it is needed.

Your list of references can be added to, edited and managed all in one place. Building a credible value communication app has never been this simple.

Access the Editor Reference Guide within BaseCase for technical help using reference management.