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New features to improve navigation

We’re very pleased to announce the new Navigation List control and the Navigation Popover. These new features were designed by our Director of Product Design Jeff Nichols to help you provide a clear navigation experience for your users.

Navigation List control

A Navigation List is a vertical panel, normally positioned on the left hand side of the page that allows easy navigation to different parts of your app. Using the properties tab, you can choose whether to show groups, pages, or both.

The appearance of the list is fully customizable, so you can ensure it’s coherent with the overall appearance of your app; you can change the fonts, add icons or images, change colors or make the background transparent.

One way to use the Navigation List would be to add one to every page, providing the user with clear orientation throughout the app. Alternatively, you could place a Navigation List on an introductory page, enabling easy chapter or page selection at the beginning of a presentation. A third option would be to place one at the start of each group. In this case, you can choose to display only the pages in that group by excluding the other groups.

You can edit the appearance of the Navigation List (and save styles for later use) within the Styles Manager. Access this by clicking the pencil icon under the properties tab.

Positioning a Navigation List on the canvas (no audio)

Navigation Popover

Like the Navigation List, the Navigation Popover provides you with a menu to display the groups and pages in your app.

Rather than appearing on the page at all times, it’s displayed by tapping a button that has been configured to open the popover. In fact, any control that can be configured to trigger an ‘action’ can be used for this purpose, including Buttons, Links and Image Buttons.

Edit the appearance of the Navigation List by clicking the pencil icon to open the Style Manager. Here you can choose to display only groups, groups and pages, the pages in an active group, or all pages.

One application for the Navigation Popover that you may find useful is to create a horizontal control panel across the top or bottom of the page, by combining it with other navigational elements, as in this example.

Using the Navigation Popover to create a horizontal navigation bar (no audio)

Access the Editor Reference Guide within BaseCase Interactive for technical help using the Navigation List and Navigation Popover.