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New Features to Make Sharing Apps Worldwide Easy

In the life sciences industries, change is the only constant: market conditions evolve, new products are created and HEOR evidence is updated all the time. To make sure account management teams have the most up-to-date value communication tools, larger companies use BaseCase to modify apps, or create new ones, on a regular basis.

With large numbers of staff using apps in different countries around the world, it’s important that the process of distributing new and updated apps is straightforward and quick. In light of this, we’ve added two new features to BaseCase which make sharing apps even easier.

Group Management

When it comes time to share an app with different segments of your organization, the group management feature saves time and makes things easy.

Create groups of users (e.g. for the Key Account Management team, the HEOR team or the sales team), and when a new app is released, just select the groups you want to share it with.

Create Multiple Users

When you need to create new users on BaseCase, you might have a list of email addresses that numbers in the hundreds or even thousands.

Instead of tediously creating a large number of of user accounts one by one, you can now create all your users in a single action, by copying and pasting the list.

Access the BaseCase User Management Guide within BaseCase for technical help with group management and creating multiple users.