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New: Improved World Map and Europe Map

Sometimes, data is best presented using a map. One obvious example of this is if you want to display state-specific reimbursement information for the USA. Another is if you want to show prevalence or incidence data for a particular prevalence.

There is no way to create this kind of data visualization with Excel. And many of our clients have found out the hard way just how expensive and time-consuming it can be to develop a custom-built interactive map with external consultants.

In recognition of these obstacles, we overhauled the BaseCase map controls to allow HEOR and market access teams to create even better interactive maps, using drag-and-drop, just like any other BaseCase control.

With the improved maps on BaseCase, you can create dynamic maps in minutes. Some of the typical use cases of this feature might be:

  • A European map with selectable countries for displaying local data (e.g. incidence data for a particular country).
  • A world heat map comparing treatment costs based on configured assumptions.