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New Product Launch: BaseCase CLM

Powerful analytics for Closed Loop Marketing

What do market access teams know about the impact of their value communication apps? Are apps being ‘lost in the wild’, with no way to tell if they’re even being used?

BaseCase CLM is a new product that provides a better workflow, so market access and key account managers have the overview they need to develop better apps for value communication.

CEO Gijs Hubben described BaseCase CLM as “the first Closed Loop Marketing solution targeted at health economics and commercial teams working in the field of market access or medical affairs” and as “designed to meet the particular needs of payer and provider engagement”.

Features of the new product include the ability to track how often apps are used by key account teams over time, as well as measure page views and interactions on each page.

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The actionable data provided by BaseCase CLM informs strategic planning in market access. Discussions with key account managers over the effectiveness of different apps can be based around real usage reports - allowing for effective customer segmentation and real improvement of value communication apps.

Available on both subscription and individual app price plans, BaseCase CLM integrates seamlessly with new and existing BaseCase apps.