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New Reference List Control on BaseCase

In a discussion with a payer or healthcare provider, it’s important to have instant access to the
published literature behind the data you are using. Key account managers and medical science
liaisons need to be able to show references instantly to their clients when asked.

Like everything on BaseCase, this information should also be displayed in a concise and user-friendly way. The new reference list control addresses both of these needs, collecting together all of your references and organizing them into a single list.

This feature is now live and available in the BaseCase toolbox for app developers to use. Just drag and drop the control onto your app canvas.

As you can see from the embedded example, the reference list is searchable, so if you are using a lot of academic sources, finding the right reference when you need it won’t be a problem.

Together with the recent reference management update, reference lists helps you to stay on top of the evidence and present a credible, research-based argument that speaks to your clients’ needs.