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New reference styling makes it easy to show your payers the evidence

When making a presentation based around health economic evidence, it’s important to ensure that the payers and healthcare professionals you meet with have easy access to the underlying research. The aim is to inspire confidence and maintain credibility.

That’s why we integrated reference management into the platform. References are centrally managed, and can be cited from anywhere in your app. Clicking or tapping a citation opens a popover with details of the cited reference, including links or downloadable files.

In our latest update we’ve enhanced this feature to make it even more useful. We’ve added a styling panel that gives you full control over the appearance of both the citation and the popover.

With the new Reference Manager, you can design references that integrate seamlessly with the overall look and feel of your app - giving your clients the information they need, without disrupting the flow of the value story.

Creating a reference

Access the new Reference Manager by clicking ‘More’ [1] in the top right hand corner of the screen, and then ‘References’ [2].

How to access the Reference Manager within BaseCase Interactive
The new Reference Manager features a range of styling options

Add references using the plus button in the footer of the Reference Manager [1]. With the updated manager, you can edit the style of your references using the styling panel on the right hand side [2]. Adjust these settings to tailor the citation and the corresponding popover.

Adding a citation to the page

Label or text area

To create the citation using a Label or Text area, insert double square brackets around the reference number [1]. The appearance of the citation is determined by the settings in the Reference manager [2].

Adding a citation to the page, using a label


You can also add a citation to a Table by selecting the properties tab [1] and entering the number in the References field [2].

Adding a citation to the page, using a table

Access the Editor Reference Guide within BaseCase Interactive for technical help using reference management.