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New USA Map for visualizing data and selecting states

This year we’re extending our range of map controls, and the latest addition is the new USA Map. It’s the second in the series to be released, following the Europe Map, and it has the same full range of functions and styling options.

The USA Map can be used as an input control, allowing the user to make a selection by tapping or clicking on the particular state of interest. To use the map in this way, just choose ‘Selection Map’ under the properties tab.

You can use the map also to visualize data. In our example, the map displays the rate of Obamacare enrolment in each state, using a color scale. Select ‘Heat Map’, under the properties tab to use the map in this way. When using the control as a heat map, you can still make a selection by tapping or clicking.

As you would expect, the appearance of the USA Map is highly customizable. Editable parameters include the color scheme, the text, the way the selected state is indicated, and the popover that displays when the cursor hovers over the map. Whether you’re using it as a selection tool, a visualization tool, or both, you can design a look and feel that’s right for your app.