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No other CLM platform lets you create iPad apps

BaseCase Interactive offers app development and distribution in a single platform

Using BaseCase Interactive to both create and distribute marketing content saves time, and it helps you to stay flexible. Benefits include launching your product earlier and ensuring your sales reps always use up-to-date messages with your customers.

How does it work?

Our app development platform provides a better way to empower the sales team and get your message across to healthcare professionals.

Instead of hiring costly, inflexible app vendors, you can create impactful apps for the iPad in-house, with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

That’s not the only unique thing about our platform.

We combine content creation and distribution, so you can stop worrying about how a separate content management system (CMS) will handle the apps you’re developing.

Instead, just create world-class marketing content, and click ‘share’ to sync with your field team’s tablets or laptops.

And with BaseCase CLM, advanced analytics are integrated too. To find out more about the latest features and the benefits of BaseCase Interactive, let us show you how it works.

App development and distribution

1) Draft content

Brainstorming and sketching the value story for your product. If creating an app for market access purposes, this stage will also involve preparing your model in Excel.

2) App development

The most significant time and efficiency saving when using BaseCase Interactive comes in the app development phase. The user-friendly platform lets you create the app internally, by dragging and dropping elements to the canvas. No software development is required, and you don’t need to hire an external app vendor.

3) Gain approval

With BaseCase, a built-in approval workflow ensures that the app goes through the compliance procedure rapidly, accelerating the process of gaining approval to use the app in the field.

4) Distribute to sales

The final stage in the app development process is also quicker with BaseCase Interactive. Because we combine content development and distribution in a single platform, there’s no need to hand the deliverable to IT to be integrated with your content management system. Just click to share with your sales team, key account managers or medical science liaisons.