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Online Presentation Tools in the Pharmaceutical Industry are Key

Long gone are the days of cardboard cue cards and the door has closed on static web presentations. Welcome to a new world of online sales presentation tools. With the help of new mobile technology, tablets (iPads especially) and smartphones, pharmaceutical marketers now have 24h access to clients through online tools. Competition is tough, and with heightened cost awareness, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies must leverage these online tools to gain market share.

Thanks to the advancement of online presentation tools, live web presentations can enhance and support a traditional face-to-face meeting. With features such as live-stream video, chat capabilities, user profiles and interactivity, for many pharmaceutical representatives this is a unique opportunity to sell, whilst remaining in the comfort of the office or even home office.

Trends show that healthcare professionals are using mobile devices, especially the combination of the iPhone and the iPad, to manage their schedules, connect with clients or for research. A study conducted by Bulletin Healthcare concluded that almost 30% of healthcare professionals are using mobile devices for content consumption. Pharmaceutical key account managers and representatives now have flexible and instantaneous access to clients through these devices for communication as well as for face-to-face and online presentations. Each party can now connect, schedule online meetings and engage anytime, anywhere.

Among one of the most important benefits of online presentation tools is that use is measurable and trackable through cloud based user analytics. For example, a sales director can now see which online presentations are being used by whom, which pages in the presentation are being discussed the most (i.e. spend the most time on this page) and which are being skipped. This gives directors real-time feedback on the tool itself and allows for proactive adjustments to improve the tool and in turn improves sales. In the case of HEOR online presentations, health economists can now monitor the changes made to the presentations to ensure health economic evidence is being communicated correctly.

BaseCase offers unique presentation apps which visualize complex HEOR models and transform them into personalized, interactive and flexible communication and sales tools. Presentations can be manipulated on-the-go, accessed via all devices (smartphones, iPads, laptops etc.), and tailored to suit the audience. User analytics provide detailed reports of use which helps sales directors and health economists to understand how the reps are using the online presentation tool, the strengths and weaknesses and if and how it is benefiting sales.

Pharmaceutical companies which harness the internet’s capabilities and apply online presentation tools to sales initiatives will reach the target audience in an unprecedented and engaging way. In an age where cost awareness, flexibility and internet presence is key, the pharmaceutical industry cannot afford to be left behind.