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Popups: new and improved!

After several months of planning and implementation, we’re very pleased to announce the release of the new-style popup on BaseCase Interactive.

The new popup represents a real leap forward from the version it replaces. With enhanced styling options, you can create a diverse range of sophisticated designs that cohere with the look and feel of your app.

It also enables new kinds of functionality. One new application is the creation of integrated ‘how-to’ guides or ‘walkthroughs’, by using full-screen popups with a semi-transparent background.

This is especially useful if you are sharing apps with the field team for the first time, and you wish to build in pointers on how to use the app. It’s also a great idea if you are distributing apps to affiliates for adaptation to a country market.

Popups are important because they’re one of the main tools we have to layer information. To communicate a value story effectively, it’s essential not to overload the screen with information. This is especially true if you’re presenting with an iPad, or another tablet device, which has a relatively small screen size.

With a popup you can put more information at the fingertips of your user, while preserving space on the page - you simply insert a link or a button that will activate the popup if the user wants to.

Using a popup as a way of introducing more information (instead of, for example, adding more pages) also has the advantage that the user stays on the main narrative track, and is not distracted or directed elsewhere.