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Product Launch: increase the productivity of your field teams using BaseCase Meetings

We’re very excited about our latest product, BaseCase Meetings: a new add-on designed to increase the productivity of your field teams by providing a seamless sales experience.

In the field, inefficient workflows can add greatly to an already pressurized environment. As well as carrying out lengthy administrative duties, team members can often spend unnecessarily long amounts of time doing what should be relatively simple tasks.

For example, in order to share documents with attendees in face-to-face engagements, presenters may be forced to exit their presentation, open their email client, locate the files, request email addresses, write a cover note and then send. Presenters may also choose to send the files later, provided they remember exactly what was requested and who requested it. While delays may appear minor in some cases, together, they culminate in an extensive loss of time.

Specifically designed to address issues like these, Meetings integrates with the rest of the BaseCase platform, enabling you to:

  • Gain visibility by tracking what is presented and which content is shared during customer engagements.
  • Improve follow up by taking notes of action-items and selecting content to be shared from within presentations.
  • Share content and track customer activity using personalized follow up emails containing links to branded microsites.
  • Reduce the admin burden on field teams with auto-generated meeting summaries.
  • Integrate BaseCase tools with your CRM using one of our three integration options.

Find out more about BaseCase Meetings by downloading our brochure.

Download the Meetings Brochure

The varied capabilities of Meetings, outlined above, allow for a diverse range of benefits that increase the productivity of your field teams.

Maintain the flow of your pitch

Face-to-face appointments with healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly limited. With Meetings you can take further steps to ensure all your available presentation time is utilized. Without exiting your presentation, it is possible to take notes for follow up action and also easily share content with attendees. This saves time and allows you to focus entirely on presenting, without having to disturb your pitch.

Customize and track attendee engagement

A meeting summary, including basic details of the meeting along with any added attachments, can be shared with customers via email, directing them to a dedicated microsite. Emails can be tailored to each customer and microsites adapted to match branding specifics, adding a more personalized feel. Once customers access the microsite, their interaction with content is tracked, providing an objective measure of customer interest.

CRM integration

Once integrated with your CRM, Meetings allows users to auto-sync attendee lists with your CRM master data, and also provides the option to quick-start meetings from within the CRM. Post-meeting, an auto-generated meeting summary is available to upload to your CRM in one click—eliminating the need for manual write-ups. Meetings also works offline. Simply log the details as normal and they will be uploaded automatically when you’re next online.

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