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Unique data visualization with Scatter Plot

The Scatter Plot control is a chart that graphs x/y data on a plane. Scatter plots are commonly used to display a correlation and/or causation between quantitative variables. The scatter plot control is often used in complex graphs, requiring a combination of series displays e.g. markers and lines together, however it is capable of much more.

The scatter plot’s versatility is due to its extensive properties, which you can access by clicking All Properties at the bottom of each scatter plot Properties tab:

Accessing scatter plot properties

From the popup menu, myriad options can be modified to maximize the message behind your data, from the X- / Y-Axis value formats and ranges, to the display types for each data point as well as the their individual display styles. There is also the option of including upper and/or lower thresholds for each data point, as well as filling the area under the curve.

While some of these options are available in other controls, only the scatter plot lets you combine them within one graph. The image below illustrates some of the display options possible with scatter plot.

Versatile Scatter Plot display options

If you ever find that your graphing requirements are not met by any of the other BaseCase controls, the scatter plot may be the solution.