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Sharing Interactive Mobile Apps with Healthcare Professionals: Challenges and the Solution

Imagine if smartphones and tablets could be leveraged for use in healthcare decision-making. As the computing power of mobile devices continues to grow, with the appropriate apps, they could be used to: utilize complex scientific models and algorithms at the point of care, guide therapeutic decision-making and individualize patient treatments, as well as reduce costs with streamlined clinical processes.

These ideas aren’t science fiction; the mobile revolution has turned them into realities. In recent decades, the healthcare industry has embraced new technologies, with the majority of HCPs using mobile devices daily in clinical practice. And now, life science companies can share digital information and resources with HCPs in the form of interactive mobile apps.

Developing and sharing interactive mobile apps with HCPs has brought unique opportunities to the healthcare industry; however, successfully providing access to secure, compliant mobile apps cannot happen without considering some of the associated challenges:

  • Efficient access for authorized users: Traditional website sign-up processes are not best suited to clinical settings, where HCPs are typically pressed for time or require immediate access to information.
  • Resource localization: To ensure mobile apps are suitable for distribution on a global scale, added efforts are required to support multiple languages and locales.
  • High distribution costs: Distribution to third parties such as HCPs is one of the major additional cost-drivers to creating mobile apps, often involving external agencies. On top of that, other costs arise to meet app adaptation and maintenance requirements.

BaseCase Portal was designed to make sharing mobile apps with HCPs fast, efficient, secure, and cost-effective.

Built specifically for the life sciences industry, BaseCase Portal is the fastest way to create interactive mobile apps and deploy them to HCPs.

  • It optimizes access through the form of a rapid self-enrollment process, where each users’ profile determines the resources they have access to, based on their region and therapeutic area. After sign-up, users can then access data-driven resources anywhere, both online and offline.
  • It allows BaseCase developers to create app packages that support multiple regions and devices. A user’s profile setting automatically determines the most appropriate app based on their selected region and therapeutic area(s).
  • It allows developers to create cutting-edge interactive mobile apps without programming, reducing workloads, timelines, and costs. Developing and distributing content on a centralized platform also minimizes costs and facilitates global scaling.

Discover how to rapidly create, approve, and deploy cutting-edge mobile apps with Portal.

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