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Show the value of market access

Success in market access these days is almost never as black and white as ‘access or no access’. After the national authorities give their approval, there’s a very diverse landscape of local and regional payers that need convincing to ensure market uptake.

Market access managers sometimes struggle to demonstrate the value of their efforts internally because the impact on revenue is less direct. What is the correlation between sales figures and the diverse payer engagement efforts that paved the way for those successes?

Revenue data will always be supremely important, but there are other ways of showing the value of your work. For our clients, this is part of the attraction of our analytics product, BaseCase CLM.

BaseCase CLM for market access

A meeting with a payer or budget holder might not produce an easily measurable impact on the bottom line, but with BaseCase CLM you can provide evidence of success another way, by demonstrating the breadth and depth of your field team’s engagement with key decision makers.

BaseCase CLM lets you track and measure app usage in the field

It’s a common problem that market access teams will invest heavily in iPad apps for value communication and lose sight of them once they’re being used by key account managers. Your apps might be an essential part of the launch process, but there’s no way to show that.

BaseCase CLM helps to solve this problem with a user-friendly console displaying a rich stream of data on app usage. You can see how often your apps are used, which pages are the most popular, which elements are clicked on the most, and more. It’s a comprehensive account of how your value story is being used to support customer engagement.

With this oversight, you can start to plan improvements to your apps based on real, actionable data. And because it shows clearly how your work is being relied on in the field, it should enable market access to take its rightful place on the podium next time your product beats the competition.