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Speak your payers’ language: a new workflow to globalize market access success

Translating customer engagement tools into different languages and adapting them to meet local market conditions can be enormously expensive and time-consuming. In this article, we introduce a new workflow that makes the process of country adaptation more efficient.

49 of the top 50 pharma companies are headquartered in Western Europe, the U.S. or Japan. From this narrow base, the life sciences industry meets demand for its products in almost every country in the world - each one with a unique healthcare system and a particular mix of competitors, regulations and languages.

With operations stretching across continents, pharma and medical device companies regularly face a problem: how do you launch products effectively in a diverse range of markets, taking into account local conditions?

A new workflow to translate customer engagement apps

The objective of our new translation workflow is to make it easier to globalize the most successful customer engagement apps, developed using BaseCase Interactive.

While the need to allow affiliates a degree of independence is obvious, the attraction of a global market access and sales strategy is also clear. By retaining some control and coordination, global HQ can replicate a successful formula in every market.

Companies can dedicate resources into developing a really effective tool - a ‘core app’ - at the global level, and then roll it out quickly and efficiently to country affiliates.

The translation workflow makes the process of translating a core app into local languages straightforward. For example, an app that was developed using English can be translated into Italian in three steps:

A page from a BaseCase app, before and after translation

With the new translation workflow, market access managers click a button to generate a template of all the text in their app, in a spreadsheet. This file can then be sent to their preferred translation company, and the returned translation re-uploaded to BaseCase Interactive, instantly translating all the text in the app.

The benefits of country adaptation with BaseCase

A key strategic objective in the development of BaseCase Interactive was to improve the process of adapting customer engagement tools to local markets.

Previously, market access teams would plan, negotiate and collaborate with a health economics consultancy on the development of an iPad app, which would be delivered as a finished product (effectively in ‘read only’ mode) that couldn’t easily be translated to a local language or edited to meet local conditions without going through the whole process again.

The translation workflow described here further facilitates the country adaptation process with BaseCase Interactive. Market access teams at the global level can use the app editor to easily build their own apps for customer engagement, and share them with country affiliates to make the required modifications in-house at the local level.