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Staying on top of the value message

In marketing and market access, it’s increasingly desirable to use a global strategy. This applies to the value messages used with payers and providers as much as it does to prescriber marketing.

One commentator puts it this way:

The trend towards global marketing creates pressure to build global value propositions that will direct the brand strategically, while at the same time being relevant to localized communication.

One benefit of BaseCase I often talk about is that it helps attain this goal of a global marketing strategy. Our clients can develop a core iPad app at the global or area (i.e. EMEA) level, and share it with affiliates at the country level, to be modified to meet their circumstances.

It’s a workflow that can be adopted ‘out of the box’ - market access teams can pick up a better way of working instantly, without much of a learning curve.

Since this is a unique benefit afforded by our cloud-based platform, it’s the one that we talk about the most, but I was reminded of a related benefit while talking to the global market access manager of a large pharma company.

As he spoke about his use of the platform, it became clear that the main benefit he saw in using BaseCase was that he could keep track of the content used in the field and stay on top of the messages being used from day to day and week to week.

Whether his company chose to have a centralized marketing strategy or not, he felt reassured that he would know exactly what was being discussed with clients in the field.

Another thing he mentioned also stuck with me. If your business stretches over dozens of countries, what sense does it make for every affiliate to use a different standard? Or, the way he put it: would you want to have one country using Excel, one using FileMaker, another using Google Spreadsheets and a fourth using Numbers?

Because it works in the Cloud, BaseCase meant that he didn’t have to worry about compatibility issues or varying file formats - different countries could start speaking the same language.