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Make data-driven decisions with BaseCase Success

It’s been recently estimated that only 30% of B2B marketing content has the opportunity to make a return on investment. As a result, there is now increasing pressure on stakeholders to avoid this waste by quantifying their campaign strategies. As an all-in-one platform, BaseCase uniquely supports data-driven decision-making, from content creation right through to use in the field. Now, we are very pleased to announce a brand-new addition to our analytics suite: BaseCase Success.

BaseCase Success is a powerful new add-on that allows in-depth analysis of user and app analytics data. It complements our other analytics add-on, BaseCase Insights (previously a part of BaseCase CLM), which allows you to focus on the use of a specific app. Now, BaseCase Success enables you to focus on your entire organization and reveal which apps are being used, who is using them, and how they’re being used.

The range and depth of insights available with BaseCase Success can be used to support decision-makers at all stages and levels of the content development process. This article highlights a small sample of questions that BaseCase Success allows you to answer.

Which apps have been presented the most?

Producing successful content requires an enterprise-wide strategy involving the alignment of product, sales and marketing divisions. The communication of data-driven insights is key to coordinating such a strategy. Sometimes, there can be a disconnect between content creators and end-users in the field. Even if the communication channels are open, the apparatus to accurately quantify even basic questions just isn’t available. For example, you might simply want to know which apps have been presented the most.

With BaseCase Success, you can examine the total number of presentations for all apps in your organization, plotted over time:

Use the timeline chart to visualize the results of the analysis and allow for easier interpretation of the data.

Which team is presenting the most apps?

Managing the roll-out of a global campaign will involve overseeing the work of multiple teams. Being able to analyse per-team metrics can help you to balance performance, identify issues, and reallocate resources. Furthermore, BaseCase Success works in the background, so your teams can focus on presenting rather than on reporting.

Focus your analysis on aggregate groups of users, based upon predefined user categories.

Are your sales representatives following up with clients?

An important part of your presentation strategy may be client follow-up. BaseCase allows this in the form of customized PDF reports and emails, sent from within apps. BaseCase Success allows you to focus your analysis on the follow-up actions of your field teams on a per-user basis, ensuring maximum outreach is achieved.

Reveal in-app follow-up behavior by examining the emails sent and reports created metrics.

Which business divisions are making the most use of BaseCase content?

Targets keep a project on track, providing quantifiable feedback if performance slips. BaseCase Success can be your early-warning system, providing an objective overview of business divisions within your organization. BaseCase Success has been built and refined to cover all the relevant angles and reveal exactly how your organization interacts with the platform.

Utilize a wide range of app and user metrics in your analyses and then export the data in .xls format to share or format as required.

Want to find out how BaseCase Success can support your decision-making? Get in touch and request a demo.