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Update: Text field control

The text field control has recently received a major update, substantially increasing the number of styling options available. It is now possible to create text fields that perfectly match the look and feel of your apps. Additionally, your customized text field styles can also be managed along with other control styles, greatly improving consistency and efficiency.

The increased range of style properties that come with the update allows text fields to more closely match your apps’ graphic design specifications.

But it’s not just the initial appearance of your text fields that can be customized; their various states can be customized too. A text field’s state changes when a user interacts with it. There are four text field states: Normal, Focused, Read-only, and Invalid. Styled states provide a useful visual aid for users, improving usability when selecting specific text fields and inputting values.

Tapping/clicking on a normal text field activates the focused state. This is commonly represented by a change in text field background color, showing clearly which input has been selected. This is really valuable in scenarios involving many text fields positioned relatively close together, e.g. a form or questionnaire.

Text fields with a styled read-only state greatly improve the visual indication of non-modifiable values. The same applies to invalid inputs: a text field with a styled invalid state provides improved visual feedback of ‘bad input’, e.g. when a user enters text instead of numbers. Red is commonly used to ‘warn’ users in this instance.

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