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The evolution of BaseCase

For over a decade, BaseCase has been helping companies to communicate the value of their products during stakeholder engagements. And over this period, our combination of consulting, design, and software expertise, alongside close working relationships with our clients, has kept the BaseCase platform abreast of industry needs and trends.

Since the original release of BaseCase Interactive, the platform has evolved to include a variety of add-ons, which extend the core ‘content-creation’ functionality to provide a comprehensive value communication platform for the life sciences industry.

The BaseCase Platform

2007: BaseCase was founded by Gijs Hubben, a pharmacologist and health economist, and Diarmuid Glynn, a mathematician and computer scientist.

2010: BaseCase Interactive

Launched at ISPOR Prague, our core product empowers you to create and deploy cutting-edge mobile apps that clearly communicate product value to stakeholders.

2013: BaseCase Insights, previously CLM

Following on from our initial success with BaseCase Interactive, we released our first add-on: BaseCase Insights. Insights reveals how your content is being used in the field on a page-by-page basis through the use of color-coded heat maps.

2014: BaseCase Launch

Next came the release of BaseCase Launch, an add-on designed specifically to streamline the medical-legal approval process. Launch provides a robust and efficient workflow that ensures your content is fully authorized for use by field teams.

2015: BaseCase Data Capture, previously CLM/Surveys

Released the following year, BaseCase Data Capture allows data to be collected seamlessly during payer engagements, to help you better understand your customers, your field teams, and your market.

2016: BaseCase Success

BaseCase Success extended the analytic scope of the platform to provide real-time global analytics data for your mobile content.

2017: BaseCase Data Manager & BaseCase Meetings

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with the release of two brand new add-ons:

  • BaseCase Data Manager enables you to create interactive mobile tools from real world data sources.
  • BaseCase Meetings can be used to track engagements with customers and increase the productivity of your field teams.

2018: BaseCase Portal, BaseCase Toolkits & BaseCase Data Manager SQL Support

2018 saw the release of two new add-ons, in addition to a major update of BaseCase Data Manager.

  • BaseCase Portal allows you to give third parties—such as payers, providers, and HCPs—rapid access to fully-compliant mobile apps.
  • With BaseCase Toolkits, you can bundle apps, product evidence, and marketing assets into easy-to-use, branded toolkits.
  • By updating Data Manager to support SQL, you can now incorporate much larger and more complex databases into BaseCase apps—in a fast and user-friendly manner.

Learn more about how the BaseCase platform has evolved to remain at the forefront of value communication in the life sciences industry by downloading our latest white paper, BaseCase: ushering in a new era of interactive evidence and real-time distribution.

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