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The importance of offline access to mobile presentation tools

Wi-Fi coverage is now ubiquitous in Europe and North America, and a reliable wireless internet connection is increasingly to be expected when visiting a hospital, or other place of business. The same trajectory can be observed in the Asia-Pacific region, which is on course to account for a quarter of global hotspots in the coming years, according to researchers In-Stat.

Where Wi-Fi is not available, growing 3G and 4G network coverage can take up the slack, filling the gaps and improving the functionality and reliability of mobile technologies.

Despite this, offline access remains essential for pharma companies using mobile marketing and market access tools like BaseCase. There are many kinds of business activity where any doubt or uncertainty over whether a tool will work is unacceptable, and high-level discussions with payers and healthcare providers is one such area.

Because you never know what kind of internet connection will be available at your next meeting, BaseCase provides full offline functionality as standard. Any data you enter or settings you change while offline are preserved and automatically synced with the platform when the connection is restored.

iPad users can start using their apps offline by searching for ‘BaseCase’ in the App Store, and installing the BaseCase app. For Windows, download the free BaseCase Desktop Client. In both cases, users simply log in and their data will automatically sync to the device, ready for use both online and offline.