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Three key goals for pharma customer engagement

(1) 360° Integration

The benefits of integration are obvious. When systems talk the same language they can operate faster and deliver synergies across different parts of the business.

Leading technologist Hank Summy notes that: ‘Integration is key. The solutions that are able to unify data, analytics, workflows, and content…are the ones that stand out.”*

The advent of Cloud-based software has made it easier for pharma companies to integrate stages of the content development process and create a 360° ‘closed loop’ marketing approach:

(2) Multi-level analytics

The smart use of analytics at different levels of the development process promises to provide actionable insights - key to improving the quality and relevancy of content.

You also can’t make meaningful ROI calculations without tracking the use (or otherwise) of your content.

There is increasing evidence that those who adopt a data-driven approach to marketing are more likely to achieve success. A report from Forbes* found that:

“Organizations that are “leaders” in data-driven marketing report far higher levels of customer engagement and market growth than their “laggard” counterparts.”

‘Leaders’ in the use of analytics were far more likely to have achieved a competitive advantage in customer engagement and increased revenues:

(3) Cross-platform functionality

The enhanced functionality of the iPad has provided a fillip to HCP engagement, offering hope that sales reps can break the ‘90 second rule’ (average facetime per client) with the use of interactive and engaging content.

While this remains the case, it should be noted that the pace of change in technology can easily exceed the ability of (traditionally more conservative) life science companies to adapt.

Which leads to the question: what happens to all those iPad apps when your sales reps start using a different technology?

This is not just a distant possibility, either. Sales of the Microsoft Surface are surging and some technology reports suggest it may be uniquely placed to capture the lead in enterprise sales. As the chief medical officer of Qpharma puts it*:

“…a lot of companies still give their reps laptops and iPads. Why not give them a Surface, which does both very well?”

Thankfully, marketing content can be developed in a flexible, cross-platform format that works across devices, giving your sales reps the freedom to choose their preferred hardware.