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The various uses of BaseCase Toolkits

We recently announced the launch of BaseCase Toolkits, a new add-on that allows you to add further content distribution functionality to BaseCase Interactive. As outlined in our previous blog post, bundling content into easy-to-use toolkits can result in a variety of benefits, such as centralized access, robust search options, simplified administration, and the option to create a customized brand experience.

Below, we explain how the features of BaseCase Toolkits can be leveraged in a range of real-world use-cases.

Evidence Repositories

Evidence repositories can often contain hundreds of PDF documents, making it difficult for users to find relevant resources quickly. However, an evidence repository built using Toolkits allows users to utilize the robust full-text search functionality to easily find content based on a range of different factors, such as the title, description, and the text within each resource. Search results can then be further filtered using tags associated with each piece of content.

Product Toolkits

Product marketing assets can often be in many forms and stored or shared using a range of different methods and platforms. This can make it difficult to distribute and organize content quickly and efficiently. However, as Toolkits supports a wide range of file types, including PDFs, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and HD video, you can easily bundle all your assets together and distribute everything to field teams, in a single sharing action.

Market Access Toolkits

Field teams use a variety of interactive content when engaging with stakeholders to secure market access, for example value communication tools, economic models, and objection handlers. With BaseCase Toolkits, you can bundle these interactive BaseCase apps alongside other ‘static’ content into one centralized toolkit and give field teams a single access point to all the materials they need for effective engagements.

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