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How life science companies are using real world data in the field

Real-world data (RWD) is available to life science companies from a variety of sources, for example, the QOF and HES in the UK. It has proven to be a highly valuable resource as it can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of a drug outside of controlled clinical environments. As a result, this has led to it being used to inform both regulatory and drug development decisions.

As RWD can also facilitate highly tailored analyses of the most up-to-date and relevant data, it is increasingly being used in the field to communicate the value of drugs and medical devices to payers. However, as databases can stretch tens of thousands of rows, field teams require it to be integrated into a format that allows them to use it effectively. Mobile apps, such as value communication tools, have proven particularly useful as they enable field teams to quickly and efficiently extract relevant data and tailor their presentations to suit audience needs.

rwd-guide-CTA (2).png

There are a variety of RWD-based value communication tools currently being utilized in the field by pharma companies, three of which include:

  • Outcomes guarantee calculators. With these tools, reimbursement for a drug can be directly linked to achieving certain real world outcomes thresholds—allowing field teams to clearly demonstrate the potential value of a drug.
  • Hospital benchmarking tools. Using these tools allows field teams to display and compare data from different hospitals to clearly communicate the potential impact and value of a drug.
  • Real-world data dashboards. By enabling field teams to drill down into specific sections of a dataset, these tools can be used to identify unmet population needs and inefficiencies within current healthcare systems.

Even though RWD is increasingly being used to communicate the value of products to payers, integrating it into effective value communication tools for use in the field is associated with numerous difficulties.

Download our latest guide, Successfully Integrating RWD into Effective Mobile Value Communication Tools, to learn how you can overcome common difficulties and utilize RWD in the field.

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