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Value communication updates

It’s nearly a year since the last European Congress of ISPOR, and since then our product development team have been focused on a number of key platform improvements.

At this year’s event, we’re ready to unveil a host of updates and new design features that make it easier for you to communicate the value of your products to payers and providers.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on.

Improved navigation

The Navigation List and Navigation Panel help you to realize beautiful app designs with a clear navigation experience. It lets your field staff and the clients that interact with your app find their way to the most interesting part of the value story with ease (read blog post).

Positioning a Navigation List on the canvas (no audio)

New translation workflow

In the first part of 2014 we released a new tool for translating the text in your apps, with just a few simple steps. When using a custom app vendor, it’s costly and time-consuming to adapt apps to different country markets. The translation workflow makes it even easier to roll out BaseCase apps globally (read blog post).

New Editor

The Editor is key to enabling market access teams to build payer engagement apps based on their health economic models. As well as introducing scores of new functions to our spreadsheet editor in the last 12 months, we’ve also overhauled the way it works to create a faster, smoother user experience (read blog post).

New Buttons

Our Director of Product Design recently revamped the Button control to give you a much more flexible and sophisticated tool. With enhanced styling options, it’s easy to create the kinds of button you find on even the most advanced iPad presentations (read blog post).

Better color picker

Earlier this year we improved the color picker, enabling you to create elements with translucent backgrounds (among other things). This means you can use layering effects to create presentations with a professional look and feel (read blog post).

Bar charts on the Interface, with white and translucent backgrounds

When it comes to product development, we have two guiding concepts: innovation and usability. We believe that innovation is key to providing real value (and new solutions) to our clients in the life sciences industry. We also believe we can make enterprise software that’s as user-friendly as consumer software - that’s an essential part of our promise that you can develop iPad apps in-house, without using programming or coding expertise.

Meet our team to discover more

Going to ISPOR in Amsterdam? Visit one of our product specialists for a personalized introduction to BaseCase products. We are also available at booth 708 from Monday the 10th to Wednesday the 12th of November, if you’d like to stop by for a visit.