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6 weeks to create a customer engagement app?

How quickly can you create a customer engagement app for the iPad?

When I ask this question to a potential client, they tend to say it takes around six months. Typically this involves using a creative agency to design and program a presentation for market access, medical affairs or the wider sales team.

When I tell them that they can get the same result in about six weeks, often at a fraction of the price, it can take a bit of explaining before they see how it works - our product is unique, and if you haven’t encountered it before you probably won’t imagine it’s possible.

This is how I break down the app development process to show where you can make the time-savings:

There are four main phases, all of which are made shorter through BaseCase Interactive.

The most important time savings come from the app development phase itself. BaseCase technology enables anyone to develop apps for the iPad (or other devices), using drag-and-drop instead of programming. Cut out all the programming, and you can radically cut the timeline.

The added benefit of this is that you can also make changes to the app further down the line quickly and easily, without going back to an agency. This kind of flexibility is a real boon for my clients, many of which are acting in very dynamic, changeable marketplaces.

Another time-saver is the built-in distribution system. You can send BaseCase apps out to your KAMs, or reps, with a couple of clicks. You don’t need to get the IT team involved in a lengthy process of integrating the app with a separate content management system (CMS).

Finally, I’ll explain that BaseCase provides a single, unified platform for collecting input from disparate, cross-functional teams, saving time on the drafting phase. And with the built-in approval workflow, it’s easy too to get your content through your compliance process.

With these differences in mind, it should be clear how you can develop a customer engagement app in only 6 weeks! If you’d like to take a look inside the platform, I’d be glad to show you how it works, just get in touch.