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Why should you choose BaseCase?

While BaseCase offers a unique product, it’s not without competition.

CMS (Content Management System) providers promise to manage commercial content for the sales force, while offering Closed Loop Marketing, both important aspects of our offering.

On the market access side, creative agencies and HEOR consultancies offer custom apps to be used by the field force, taking your ideas and turning them into something for the iPad. Such apps must be distributed with a separate CMS platform.

How BaseCase differs

BaseCase bridges the gap between content creation and content management offering a simpler, easier and more efficient way to develop, distribute, adapt and track your apps.

Why you should choose BaseCase

There are several advantages to this approach. What counts as the major benefit for your organization will depend on your particular business needs.

It might be the fact that, with BaseCase, you no longer need a separate app distribution system. This aspect of our integrated platform also makes the country adaptation process much simpler, and reduces the IT and admin costs associated with customer engagement.

Alternatively, it might be the ability to track and react to analytics data within the same platform. The ability to be more responsive to what the data is telling you creates a uniquely powerful Closed Loop Marketing system - you can explore new ideas, fix issues and expand on successful concepts very quickly and easily.

In truth, these benefits stem directly from the key innovation of our product: the user-friendly App Editor. It’s a drag-and-drop platform that enables market access, medical and commercial teams to develop customer engagement apps in-house, without using programming.

The time and cost-saving aspects of creating your own apps instead of outsourcing to agencies can hardly be overstated. It affords unparalleled flexibility and allows you to stay in control of your timeline ahead of the launch date.

Post-launch, our clients benefit from being able to adapt and update apps on the fly, responding to competitor activities like pricing changes or new products entering the market.

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