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Wider range of fonts now available

We’ve added a range of new fonts to the app editor in BaseCase Interactive, providing greater flexibility in the design of apps. It will also enable you to better match the look of your target platform (e.g. using Helvetica Neue for the iPad, since that is the default font on that platform).

And if you are following a corporate style guide, the new range of fonts should enable you to adhere to the guidelines more faithfully.

The new fonts can be selected for use in any control that includes text. When you go to select a font, you’ll notice a dividing line separating those fonts that are web-safe (above the line) from those that are not.

Web-safe fonts should be available on any platform. If a font is not web-safe, it means that some platforms will not support it, and will display an alternative font instead.

When you select a font that is not web-safe, you can view information about supported platforms by clicking the exclamation point that appears. You can also see which alternatives will be used by platforms that don’t support that particular font.

Detailed information about the selected font