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You've got the iPad, but do you have the right content for market access?

In the life sciences industries, the growth of the iPad has brought the promise of much more interactive and sophisticated value messaging.

Novatis CEO Joe Jimenez called the iPad a “game-changing technology”. High expectations have resulted in widespread adoption of the tablet, sometimes even before companies have a clear idea what to use them for.

Eric Newmark of IDC Health Insights remarks that “Several major pharmaceutical companies are putting the cart before the horse by purchasing iPads in large quantities prior to even owning a single application to run on the iPad”. “More than one company has told us they have already purchased iPads in significant volume and are storing them for later use”.

What do we need the iPad for?

In the past, key account managers might have presented their product’s value proposition using a slide deck and a budget impact spreadsheet.

The problem with this approach is that it requires a relatively high investment of time and attention from the client. Payers are busy, so it’s crucial to deliver a clear and tailored value story without asking them to master a difficult spreadsheet.

This is where the iPad comes in. iPad apps for market access can be used to present a customized value story that doesn’t rely on a confusing spreadsheet. Tablet devices provide key account managers with greater interactivity and a smoother user experience, making it easier to engage with customers.

The content dilemma: to outsource or not to outsource

The challenge is not identifying the opportunities provided by the device, but realizing those opportunities. The cost of developing custom apps for market access can be high, and the time it takes to develop an app for a new product is significant. Companies are reluctant to go down this route and as a result have sometimes simply reused their old content in the new medium.

But showing PowerPoint slides or Excel spreadsheets on a tablet device is like using a high definition TV to play a radio broadcast. The unique attraction of the tablet is its potential for interactivity, allowing a value proposition to be targeted to a particular client’s circumstances.

HEOR and market access teams are therefore presented with a dilemma: do they outsource the development of apps and accept the associated costs and inflexibility of hiring an external vendor? Or do they reuse their existing content and miss out on the benefits of using interactive apps for value communication?

App development solution

BaseCase was created to provide market access teams with an escape from this dilemma. Because the platform can be used with only minimal training, it removes the need for developers. HEOR and market access teams can develop their own iPad apps for market access in-house, using an intuitive drag- and-drop editor.

It means that there’s no need to recycle old content and waste the potential of the iPad. It also means that there’s no need to hire external vendors to develop expensive custom apps. With BaseCase, market access departments can develop interactive value communication apps in-house, saving time and money while maximizing the impact of a product’s value proposition.