The BaseCase platform

BaseCase is the fastest way to create and deploy cutting-edge mobile content.

  • Create engaging, interactive mobile
    content, no code necessary.
  • Develop content up to 4x faster.
  • Engage payers, providers and HCPs
    with interactive, personalized content.
  • Perform live calculations in your
    presentations using integrated spreadsheets.
  • Visualize large real-world datasets,
    tailored to each customer.
  • Use your content across devices:
    compatibility is guaranteed, indefinitely.

Manage the entire lifecycle of your mobile content

  • Create
  • Approve
  • Deploy
  • Engage
  • Track
  • Collaborate

Unparalleled flexibility to create interactive mobile content without programming.

Eliminate the cost and inefficiencies of using programmers to develop your mobile content.

With BaseCase, creating interactive mobile content is possible using standard business software skills. Programming knowledge is not required, so you can leverage skills that already exist in your organization. BaseCase runs in the cloud, so the only application you need is a web-browser—no installation necessary.

The BaseCase drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and easy to learn. It includes an array of customizable controls such as interactive charts and UI elements that can be simply dragged onto the canvas and styled to match your exact requirements. This gives you the creative freedom and flexibility to create stunning content. BaseCase also comes with powerful time-saving features: Import Pages allows you to convert PDFs into interactive BaseCase content, and Reference Manager takes the headache out of citing references.

Spreadsheets then brings your content to life. BaseCase provides the unique ability to integrate Excel data models with a slide-show interface. This means you can include dynamic calculations in your presentations and perform a tailored ROI, budget impact or business case analysis, live. With Data Manager, you can also integrate large datasets—such as DRG data, reimbursement data or historic sales data—to make your presentations highly specific, and exceptionally relevant to individual customers.

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  • Data Manager
  • Import PDF
  • Reference Manager
  • Knowledge Base

Accelerate the legal approval and validation process of your mobile content while remaining compliant.

Avoid mobile content getting unnecessarily ‘stuck’ in your compliance process.

BaseCase lets you manage mobile content centrally, giving you full control to update or revoke assets at any time, be they online or offline. Users can even be forced to sync their accounts after a set number of days of offline use, to ensure all of your field teams are using the latest releases. Version control is also built into all BaseCase content, so you can manage exactly which updates are released.

Launch was developed specifically to expedite the strict legal review and validation processes of Pharma and MedTech companies. Launch lets you automatically generate legal review PDFs that include all possible views of the content, including interactive elements such as dropdown menus, tabs and pop-ups—no more manual screenshots. Also, when submitting content for re-approval, you can generate a PDF that only shows the differences between revisions, so legal teams can focus on exactly what’s changed.

Launch can even model extended validation processes. Additional stages can be configured, such as UA and QA testing. Only when all stages are complete, will content be released for use in the field. Once your content is released, Launch continues to ensure compliance—field teams can only present approved content, to which you can add an optional expiry date.

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  • Version control and sharing
  • Force Sync
  • Launch

Deploy approved mobile content to your team, globally, across devices.

Don’t limit yourself with hard to maintain, ad-hoc projects for specific mobile devices.

Since all content on BaseCase is created directly in the cloud, there is no need for your IT teams to assist with distribution. Deploying approved content to field teams is quick and easy: share with individual users or groups in just a few clicks.

BaseCase uses the HTML5/javascript format for all content, which means you can access and view all content on any device with any modern web browser—no specialist setup required. This also means BaseCase is future-proof: we guarantee cross-platform compatibility, indefinitely. So if your organisation changes its operating systems or hardware, your content will still work.

With the BaseCase Windows App and the BaseCase iPad App, field teams can sync all content to their tablet devices for offline use, so they are never dependent on an Internet connection.

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  • Windows and iPad Apps
  • Version control and sharing

Boost your field team’s productivity with an integrated stakeholder engagement environment.

Remove administrative tasks and streamline your field team’s workflow.

BaseCase provides a single access point to all the mobile content your field teams need, online and offline. To prepare for a meeting, field teams can tailor presentations to each customer by adjusting the story flow and data used. During the meeting, calculations can be performed live with inputs from the customer, to deliver accurate, personalized results.

Documents, such as clinical studies, prescribing information or brochures can all be shared via email without leaving the presentation. After a meeting field teams can dynamically generate a personalized and branded PDF leave behind, such as a Business Case or ROI report.

With Meetings and a CRM integration, meeting activity is recorded and automatically logged to your CRM.

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  • Single access point
  • Spreadsheets
  • Present
  • Meetings
  • CRM integration

Optimize your ROI—analyse uptake and measure the success of your marketing materials.

Avoid the waste: on average 70% of B2B marketing content goes unused.

Use Success to track the real-time usage data of all mobile content in your organization by brand, business unit, geographical region, or user type. Optimize your spend on mobile content—expand on winning strategies and deprecate unused assets. Discover what is working well and replicate that success in other markets. When releasing new content, you can also identify uptake issues early and take immediate action.

While Success allows you to track real-time global analytics, Insights lets you track app-specific data and understand how field teams use your content on a page-by-page basis. You can then make informed design decisions to refine your content and maximize impact.

Data Capture then lets you capture data during customer engagements and track user input to provide marketing feedback, create customer profiles and record preferences. And with Meetings you gain visibility over customer engagements by tracking what is presented and which content is shared. A CRM integration then allows all captured data to be automatically recorded in your CRM.

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  • Success
  • Insights
  • Data Capture
  • Meetings
  • CRM integration

Develop long-term collaborations with your worldwide affiliates on a single SaaS platform

Stop re-inventing the wheel with fragmented ad-hoc projects in each market.

Since the needs of local healthcare markets differ worldwide, mobile content needs to be adaptable in order to have global reach. BaseCase allows you to collaborate seamlessly with affiliates and adapt ‘core’ content to meet their local requirements.

The flexibility of BaseCase makes it uniquely suited to collaborating on global content creation. Spreadsheets allows ‘core’ content to be easily updated with local data and health economic models—no coding required. BaseCase also has a built-in translation workflow: download a file containing your content’s text, translate the file and then simply re-upload it to complete the translation. As a finishing touch, number, currency, percentage and date formatting can be fine-tuned with the Locale feature.

Creating global content on BaseCase results in shorter time-to-market, greater asset reuse, reduced duplication of effort, and a greater long-term ROI compared to one-shot, custom-built apps. BaseCase also provides the opportunity for a managed global roll-out, and the ability to implement a consistent, global communication strategy for your brand. Through improved affiliate communication, BaseCase facilitates global synergy across disparate markets.

Following roll-out, BaseCase helps you maintain visibility: Success lets you monitor local uptake, Meetings reveals how affiliates are communicating with local payers, providers and HCPs and Insights helps to refine your content and inform updates.

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Built for Life Sciences Enterprise

Compliant & Secure

The BaseCase platform has data security as a first priority, and is fully compliant with Pharma and MedTech industry standards. We have a 100% vendor risk assessment pass rate to prove it.

Single Sign-On

BaseCase offers Single Sign-On (SAML) integration with your Active Directory, LDAP or other SSO system, avoiding the need for additional login credentials and simplifying user management.

CRM Integration

BaseCase integrates with your CRM system to automatically log customer engagements and record the data you need to strengthen and develop your business relationships.