Our Consulting and Design teams deliver ready-to-go interactive content on short timelines. Standardized packages are available for medium and large projects—delivered on regular or fast-track timelines—all tailored to your specific needs.

Typical project deliverables include:

Value communication tools

We transform your health economic models into engaging value communication tools that your field teams will love. We are the market leader in value communication and deliver 50+ unique projects each year, including budget impact, return on investment, and cost-effectiveness tools.

Interactive slide decks and value stories

We convert your existing static slide decks into interactive visual aids to captivate your audience. By layering information in tabs and pop-ups, field teams can present information in a nonlinear fashion, and tailor presentations to each customer, as required. We import your existing PowerPoint presentations and add extra functionality like video, custom navigation, reference management and embedded files.


We bundle all marketing materials into easy-to-use, branded toolkits, so that your field teams can easily find, present and share assets with customers during the presentation. Toolkits typically include PDF brochures, educational videos, prescribing information, objection handlers and full text studies. Toolkits can be centrally maintained by our team, or you can do updates in-house.

Data-driven presentations

We create dashboards and data-driven presentations based on claims data, real-world data or sales data exported from your ERP system. Turn customer data into powerful engagement tools, and highlight the potential for savings, unmet needs or inefficiencies in their own healthcare system. Convince more customers by enabling your field teams to tailor presentations and visualize data relevant each individual customer. Typical examples include hospital benchmarking, account planning and portfolio selling.

Country adaptations

We deliver adapted versions of your mobile tools for all your markets, in all languages. The flexibility of the BaseCase platform allows tools developed at the global level to be quickly adapted for use in other markets. Our experienced project managers handle every aspect of the process, to ensure your affiliates specific needs are met.

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