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Value communication tools and calculators

Create engaging value communication tools and interactive calculators. Perform live calculations and present tailored budget impact or business case analyses.

  • Budget impact models
  • Cost-offset models
  • Cost-effectiveness models
  • Risk calculators
  • Treatment cost calculators
  • Contract calculators

Real-world evidence visualizations

Create powerful data visualizations based on real-world evidence. Highlight potential savings, unmet needs, or inefficiencies in the healthcare systems of your customers.

  • Real-world data dashboards
  • Hospital benchmarking tools
  • Account planning tools
  • Value story presentations


Create versatile toolkits containing assets and resources for your field teams. Deploy branded toolkits containing HD videos, clinical trial reports, prescribing information, objection handlers, FAQs and more.

  • KAM and sales toolkits
  • Full text study library
  • Document repository
  • Sales training toolkits

eDetailing aids

Create impactful eDetailing aids and interactive slide decks from existing sales and marketing materials. Convert existing static content into user-friendly, interactive eDetailing aids and slide decks, with navigation, pop-ups, references, embedded files, HD video and more.

  • Interactive slide decks
  • eDetaling aids
  • Interactive visual aids
  • Value story presentations

Sales productivity

Boost the efficiency and productivity of your field teams with custom productivity tools. Provide self-service training materials, account planning dashboards and electronic forms.

  • Account planning tools
  • Objection handling tools
  • Conference registration forms
  • Digital consent forms

Data capture

Capture valuable data from customer engagements. Seamlessly capture data during customer engagements and track user input to provide marketing feedback, create customer profiles and record preferences.

  • Customer intelligence
  • Pre-launch engagement
  • Customer profiling
  • Marketing feedback

Global-local communication

Streamline your organization’s global communications. Improve communications between global and worldwide affiliates, develop synergies between business units and avoid re-inventing the wheel with every project, in every country.

  • Internal surveys
  • Sales training
  • eLearning
  • Global HTA trackers
  • Interactive value dossiers
  • Study trackers