Create apps that engage payers and providers

Platform for market access and HEOR to develop spreadsheet-based apps in-house, using a simple drag and drop editor.

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How it works

Creating apps is quick and easy as a drag and drop.


Create apps using drag and drop
Develop and modify apps with minimal training, and without hiring programmers. Avoid the cost and inflexibility of outsourcing to consultancies.


Upload spreadsheet for interactivity
BaseCase seamlessly ties the interface to a backing spreadsheet for live calculations. Get the power of a spreadsheet with the look of a presentation.


Make adaptations for countries
Easily adapt your core value story to create country-specific versions. Avoid duplicating efforts and maintain control over branding and messaging.


Distribute across multiple platforms
Our HTML5 apps work offline and can be used on a wide range of devices including desktops, laptops, iPads and other tablets.


BaseCase apps help you communicate the value of your products to payers and healthcare providers. They’re easy to build, and they can easily be adapted to suit local market conditions and languages.


Watch our video

The best way to make the value story of your product vividly clear is to animate the benefits in a visual way. That’s why we created this video animation. It explains the benefits of BaseCase in about 90 seconds.


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