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Achieve unparalleled flexibility and speed with integrated content creation and KAM enablement.

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Create cutting-edge, mobile content without programming and dramatically reduce your workload and costs.


Get to market faster with integrated content creation and KAM enablement on one platform.


Easily update mobile content or adapt it for specific markets and streamline collaboration with your worldwide affiliates.


Accelerate your legal approval/validation process and release compliant content without undue delay.

Power your presentations with integrated spreadsheets and datasets

Engage payers, providers and HCPs with interactive, data-driven content, tailored to their setting. Perform live calculations and present personalized ROI, budget impact or business case analyses.

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BaseCase manages the entire lifecycle of mobile content

  • Create
  • Approve
  • Deploy
  • Engage
  • Track
  • Collaborate


Use a browser-based, drag-and-drop editor to create interactive, cross-platform mobile content. Eliminate the cost and inefficiencies of using programmers to develop your mobile content.


Accelerate the legal approval/validation process of your mobile content while remaining compliant. Avoid getting unnecessarily stuck in your compliance process.


Deploy mobile content to any tablet device. BaseCase guarantees cross-platform compatibility, indefinitely. Don’t limit yourself with ad-hoc projects for specific devices.


Boost your field team’s productivity with an integrated stakeholder engagement environment. Remove entry barriers and streamline your field team’s workflow.


Optimize your ROI by analysing uptake and measuring the success of your marketing materials. Avoid the waste: on average 70% of B2B marketing content goes unused.


Develop long-term collaborations with your worldwide affiliates on a single SaaS platform. Stop re-inventing the wheel in each market and start creating global synergies.