Our multidisciplinary team of experts are available to create engaging BaseCase content for your field teams.

Value story writing

Using your existing materials—such as slide decks, value dossiers, economic models or other data sources—our expert consultants formulate a series of key messages that form your product’s unique value story. Each evidence-based message is expressed clearly and concisely, as a logical sequence of arguments, each building on the last to reach a clear value proposition that resonates with your audience.

Health economic model adaptations

Our health economists review, optimize and streamline your HEOR models for use on the BaseCase platform. The streamlining process ensures that your model is as transparent and lightweight as possible, with a clear input/output structure to make country adaptations and future maintenance easy. Our team has broad experience with economic modelling in all therapeutic areas, including budget impact analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-offset models, return on investment, and cost calculators.


Storyboarding is the iterative process of optimizing the presentation of your product’s value story. Our expert consultants bring the key messages and supporting evidence to life, in a multi-layered visual storyboard. This outlines the structure of your content before committing more time and resources. In the storyboarding phase, we involve all key stakeholders from your side, including field team representatives, to ensure we deliver to their needs.

UI/UX design

UI/UX design is an essential step in optimizing your field tools. Our UI/UX designers work to make complex messages clear, navigation smooth, and interactivity intuitive. This in turn leads to maximized uptake in the field, reduced training time and a greater impact on customers.

Graphic design

Intelligent graphics design makes it possible to quickly communicate complex information, which is crucial during customer engagements. A well designed infographic can communicate an enormous amount of information yet be understandable at a glance. Our design experts apply their creative skills to optimize the visual impact of your value story, while remaining compliant with your branding guidelines.

Medical writing

Effective value messages need to be simple, clear and concise. Our medical writers cut through the jargon without compromising the details. All BaseCase deliverables are proofread as standard to ensure scientific accuracy and grammatical correctness.


Our Customer Success team arranges training for our clients covering all aspects of the BaseCase platform—ranging from presentation training to content creation training—on-site or via webinar. Clients can receive introductory training for BaseCase Interactive, along with any other subscribed add-ons. Additional user administration, and quality assurance training can also be arranged. All training is supported by rich training materials, such as narrated video, user manuals and guides.

Quality assurance (QA)

All content created by BaseCase goes through a rigorous assessment by our QA team. The process tests for the correct cross-platform functionality and display of every element. Our QA services are also available for client-created content, providing an extra level of reassurance before publishing.

Expert review & message testing

Our consultants have access to a worldwide network of experts spanning all therapeutic areas and markets. To test the effectiveness of your storyboards, we can assemble a panel of relevant experts (e.g. payers, hospital administrators, HCPs or KOL) prior to implementation, typically via 1:1 webinar. This way you can be sure that the key messages resonate with your target audience.

Content migration

If you want to move large volumes of content such as slide decks, existing custom-built apps and large numbers of files onto the BaseCase platform, our team can assist. Simply send us your raw materials and our team will organize and reformat your content as required.

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