BaseCase Services

We combine our proprietary software, HEOR/Market Access expertise, and design talent to deliver the ultimate in value communication

What we offer

BaseCase delivers ready-to-go interactive content on short timelines. Standardized packages are available for medium and large projects, all tailored to your specific needs. Common deliverables include: value communication tools, interactive slide decks, innovative pricing tools, data-driven presentations, real-world evidence visualizations, iGVDs.

Block of Consulting/Design time

Be reassured that support, help, and assistance with developing your BaseCase apps is available whenever you need it. Block some consulting and design hours and use them in any way you wish. Choosing from any of our bespoke services, you could use the time to have a consultant review your app and provide feedback on how to optimize your use of BaseCase, then have a thorough QA test at the end, for example. Or even have a designer provide you with custom app templates based on UI/UX best practices.


An HEOR/MA expert will work together with a designer to optimize the presentation of your product’s value story. The resulting storyboard can be used as a draft for a BaseCase app, ensuring that key value messages are clearly communicated to audiences.

The process will include a brief kick-off call to align on the needs for the app, who the audience is, and discuss any questions. An in-depth review of your materials and the implementation of a draft storyboard are also included in the project.

UI/UX Template

One of our expert designers will provide you with a template based on current user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) best practices. The designer will first evaluate a sample model for your app, then get to work developing a bespoke template for you and your team to use. The template will also be based on the styling guidelines and color palette that are consistent with your branding, and include a few pages of sample content to help you get started.

Design Review & Fix

Have a creative expert review and refine your app. One of our designers will extensively examine your app and ensure that the color palette, look, feel, and styling of your app are consistent with your brand. They will also inspect the navigation and implement UX best practices where necessary. Additionally, they will go through each control element to make sure they are aligned, and properly styled.

Country Adaptation & Translation

Get your app ready for use by affiliates in other countries and markets. Using the proprietary BaseCase translation workflow, our team will replace all the text in your app, and make any necessary formatting and alignment changes. New default values and references will also be added where applicable. Your app will then go through a thorough QA test to ensure everything is working properly and efficiently.

Consulting Review

One of our value communication experts will examine your app and provide recommendations on how to improve it. They will cover elements like the structure, flow, and functionality, as well as offer more general design advice. This is designed to help you maximize your use of the BaseCase platform, and improve the ways in which your key value messages are communicated to customers.

Quality assurance (QA)

Our professional QA team can thoroughly assess your completed app across platforms and devices to check everything is displayed and functions as it should. They will confirm that text does not become truncated, calculations don’t return errors, and much more. Once testing is completed, they will provide you with a detailed report outlining any errors and bugs that have been detected.